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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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forward with their plans now that voters approved the transit tax. donald trump continues forming his administration. thanks for joining us the time is 8:00 i'm lena tillett and i'm renee chou, pretrial hearings continue for trent 11 -- bowe bergdahl. mikaya thurmond is live at fort bragg this morning. >> reporter: >> we apologize we do not have her audio but we will get her report later. republicans will meet to discuss the election results, the trump transition in full swing as tracie potts reports two picks will wilt a lot of influence. >> the trump transition team
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serve as chief of staff and conservative news executive stephen bannon who headed the trump campaign will become chief strategist. >> they will both have big roles in the trump administration as well as they should. there is a small senior team. >> in a wide-ranging interview trump admits he won't completely replace obamacare. >> are you going to make sure that people with pre-existing conditions are still covered? >> yes, of the strongest assets also with children living with their parents for an extended period. >> republicans say part of the trump wall with mexico could be a fence and millions of immigrants will not be quickly deported. >> we are focused on securing the border. >> as protests continue, democrats are concerned. >> i caution anyone who in their protest becomes the very thing they are protesting against turning to hateful
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and ideals that are sacred in this country. >> tracie potts nbc news washington. a possible contender for next chairman of the dnc could emerge today representative keith ellison will make a decision soon about if he will try for the job. senate minority leader harry reid through support behind ellison yesterday and prior to that senate minority leader chuck schumer endorsed ellison. he received approval from senator bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. he is the first muslim american elected to congress. president obama departing for his last major trip abroad. it was supposed to be a grand farewell tour but the president may expect questions about the outcome of the us elections. the trigger -- election outcome triggering concern around the
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he will give a speech in athens and then he will meet with germany's chancellor and attend an asian economic summit. armory sergeant bowe bergdahl back in the news in advance of his trial at fort bragg. the military accusing him of deserting his post in afghanistan. mikaya thurmond is at fort bragg right now.>> reporter: these most recent hearings have been focused on what information will be available to the defense team of bergdahl. the defense team also wants the court to consider whether the decision to bring bergdahl back to trial was improperly influenced. senator john mccain has said the senate armed forces committee would hold a hearing if the soldier isn't punished. a military judge already denied a motion to dismiss the case in august. bergdahl faces a court-martial for charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy
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june 2009, he was captured and held in captivity by the taliban until a prisoner exchange of may 2014. there might be another factor in play now that we know donald trump will be the next president. last year trump called him a no good traitor who should have been executed. the trial starts in february, bergdahl could spend the rest of his life in prison , but observers in the case say that is unlikely. >> fort bragg, thank you. representatives have until friday to finalize their election results including provisional and absentee ballots that could determine a winner in the race for governor. roy cooper and map -- patrick mccrory are only separated by a few thousand votes. commissioners meet to go
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taking the next step after the transit tax passed. bill leslie is in the newsroom with the update. >> voters approved the referendum raising the sales tax to help pay for the $2.3 billion plan, the plan has three main components, expanded bus service to connect municipalities, a bus trip transit system and, it includes a commuter rail right -- line to the county. growth citing figures that show the area is growing by 63 people every day and that is adding to traffic congestion, but organizations such as the john locke foundation opposed the tax increase and the tax transit plan, they say it would be underused, overpriced and outdated by the time it was
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green light, commissioners have a list of things to do to get the ball rolling which is what they will talk about today. back to you. the roads are downright wet. in some places. the rain is really patchy looking at the radar picture doppler 5000 showing this band coming into the western part of the county and a strip toward lee county. some more significant rain toward roxboro and then i-95 looks pretty dry even though we had some rain overnight. it will be like this all day a little band of rain coming through and then it will be gone for a while you may see drizzle or missed. a decent amount of rain west of the beltline through the airport down toward apex and holly springs, from hillsboro northward roanoke rapids
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patchy rain. temperature on the surface looks not so bad, 44 wake forest, town by town 45 roxboro, 48 fayetteville, if you add the dampness it makes it feel cooler, nothing like yesterday morning with low to mid 20s but it does feel chilly this morning. at lunchtime not much has changed temperatures in the upper 40s and highs in the low 50s. the clouds linger and so does the drizzle of here we will talk about the difference in temperature coming up. we have a number of accidents causing backups. the biggest delays have been on the durham freeway northbound because of an earlier crash around briggs avenue it was blocking the left lane they have moved it to the right shoulder but residual delays and the congestion we typically see starting to add up
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is flowing but still pretty backed up moving toward downtown durham. your best alternate route as usual delays on the durham freeway 55 westbound the right from i-42 the freeway taking eight minutes. that will save you a little time. you can see how good it is looking on the latest sensor readings. a lot of red showing up on the fortified works own especially between 440 toward the us interchange. it looks put a good as you get to the airport a slowdown around way to avenue and harrison avenue. overall not a bad ride. we are seeing some light rain moving through leaving the roads a little wet this morning. elsewhere look for an earlier crash on the louisburg road more significant inbound delays on capital boulevard from wake
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aftershocks and tremors rocking new zealand as officials assess the damage. >> the latest from the country after a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake. >> the battle for mosul is more than one month old. how iraqi militants are progressing. the one tool that could
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where shopping is a pleasure. "wral morning news on fox
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and lena tillett each year more than 1000 people are killed in more than 25,000 people are injured in crashes involving speeding tractor-trailers. advocates say one solution is to slow them down, right now the us dot is considering changes to force some trucks to use speed limiters. joining us are the cofounders of road safe america steve and susan owings think you joining me. i understand you founded road safe america after the death of your son in 2003. tell us about your experience. >> it is every parent's nightmare. our sons were trying to get back to college the sunday after thanksgiving. they came to a parking lot situation, the only vehicle that did not stop safely was the speeding tractor-trailers behind them. >> there have been other high-
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trailer crashes in addition to your son including the one that injured tracy morgan. how has that helped or hurt your movement? >> the us is the only leading country on earth without a rule that are heaviest tractor- trailers must set the speed limiters. capabilities have been built into the trucks since the 90s. incredibly, the proposed rule we have worked on for over years would only apply to the new trucks. that would take 20 or 30 years for the whole fleet to change, we need the public to comment on this and say we want the safety benefits today. not 20 or 30 years from now. they can do so on our website and we encourage them to do so. >> i'm sure the death of your son changed the course of your life in terms of this new
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has it been to get the government behind what you want to see happen? >> it has been extremely frustrating. it is something we have to live with every day. what is comforting, there is something people can do to help us and that is go to our website make a comment let the government know you want a rule to apply to all trucks. >> thank you so much for joining me this money. the newest fleet of stealth destroyers could be shooting blanks. the problem with the new ammunition and why costs are going up to extract back to court for mike peterson, what
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[ music ] boy are we the clouds this morning. we don't get to see the supermoon. but some folks did see it just after sunset last night. so it was neat to see, skies were clear tonight and we will see it again early tomorrow morning if you are up as the skies clear out and you probably won't notice a big
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know that the moon is closer than it will be for another three decades. we get another supermoon next month. if you are totally dying to see it we may get to see it one month now. a look at the radar picture some rain, very light and patchy but we are seeing some in spots, that band just rolled across raleigh impacting the airport impacting holly springs getting ready to come ro minutes and you will see the rain. some rain in hillsboro and chapel hill moving north and westward into person county. littleton, roanoke rapids, over toward henderson and oxford really patchy light rain sensing for sanford toward southern pines patchy and light , a look at the big view starting off at 4:15 most of the steady rain is toward the
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wrapping around filling in a little bit with additional showers. when we are all said and done the amounts won't be heavy but i want to thank a viewer who roped in and said they had over one inch of rain, we are not seeing that in most places however. it will make for some messy travel in a few spaces but not overall. 47 at the airport with rain falling. 40 the dewpoint range from 45 in roxboro to 48 in rocky mountain. 51 in goldsboro. while that is so much warmer than yesterday 10 to 12 to 17 degrees warmer it feels chilly with temperatures in the low to mid 40s and rain falling or damp conditions it does feel chilly so make sure everybody has their coat on this morning, in some spots you will need raingear. a low-pressure system north of
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toward north carolina, not where we need it the most which is in the mountains. they are desperate for rain with extreme drought in the mountains and all of the wildfires they will not see any of this, we have showers on and off through lunchtime and then it starts to fizzle back to an isolated sprinkle or two and the skies clear bringing us to 5:00 am. 7:00 ama little bit of fog due to the damp conditions. a beautiful day tuesday with temperatures. 51 today, 65 tuesday, 67 wednesday and check out friday 70 degrees beautiful, a nice week in store. football friday into the playoffs 7:00, 60 degrees and 10:00 53. nice weather for the raleigh christmas parade, a high saturday of 67, the parade begins at 10:00 am temperature likely to be 56 finishing
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a little cooler on sunday back down to a high of 53. the prime minister of new zealand took a helicopter tour of damage caused by the earthquake. at least two people reported dead after the earthquake hit a south island. roads also cracked, the country's military is sending helicopters and a navy ship to rescue taurus and residents that were stranded after a powerful earthquake today cut off train and vehicle access. a lantern memorial marking one year since the deadly attacks in paris. they replaced in a canal close to many of the bars and cafis targeted in the attacks leaving 130 people that. people rote personal messages on the lanterns, proceeds go to the victim's associations. troops have driven islamic
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just south of mosul near the site of famed ancient syrian ruins that were destroyed by the extremist. this special forces battled militants in mosul itself where they struggle to advance against waves of suicide car bombs. the special forces hold a handful of districts on the city's eastern edge. south of baghdad a suicide attack killed at least six civilians. blowing himself up iraqi government says six bombers try to enter the city, security courses -- forces killed five of them. a wave of attacks killed at least 23 people yesterday. swedish authorities are said to interview julian assange over sexual assault allegations. the interview will take place in the ecuador embassy in london today. a prosecutor from ecuador will conduct the interview.
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a swedish police officer will be present. assange denies the allegation and has been requesting an interview, he sought refuge in june 2012 and was later granted asylum. the navy looking for a cost- effective alternative to the pricey ammunition used on its new self -- stealth destroyer. the rocket powered projectiles cost about $800,000 a piece making them too expensive for the navy to purchase in large quantities. they need 600. the defense contractors and say the costs are up because fewer ships needing the ammunition are being made. changing weather conditions could help the fight against several wildfires burning in the western part of the state. we will tell you about the experimental drug being used to keep addicts from relaxing when
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the time 8:26. let's get straight to brian shrader roads are slow this morning. >> largely because they are getting pretty wet because of light rain moving through some areas leaving the roads in some spots with standing water. one of our twitter followers saw some on i-40. here's a look at harrison avenue the pavement is wet, headlines -- headlights reflecting.
8:27 am
raining it could come down at a moderate pace this morning, enough to get the roads wet especially over raleigh. not so much endure him -- in durham. >> about to see rain in durham look at the radar picture starting with the wide view most of the rain raleigh north and westward wrapping around this low on the course coast. you can see the rain about to push in from the east, we have had rain in hillsboro, north and west and some rain here the virginia line. looking at temperatures definitely looking a little bit on the chilly side temperatures for the most part in the 60s, or excuse me in the 40s and then a high this afternoon in the low 50s and 60s tuesday and wednesday. the case against army sergeant bowe bergdahl is
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bergdahl accused of deserting his post in afghanistan before being captured by the taliban. there is a hearing on legal motions ahead of his february trial. 15 wildfires burning in north carolina. 18 from florida taking command and a team from arizona on the
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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of
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peterson will be back in court today. >> seeking to get his case dismissed, more than one decade after being convicted of murdering his wife. wiggle live to durham to bring us up to speed. >> reporter: this murder case has gained a lot of attention over the years, there is even a lifetime movie about it. but today mark peterson will be in court and he wants the case dismissed. his wife was found dead in december 2001, her body was at the bottom of the staircase in their mansion in durham mike peterson was convicted of first- degree murder sentenced to life in prison. he was released in december 2011 after the judge learned a key witness lied on the stand. he has been a free man since.
8:31 am
's attorney said the pieces were not properly stored. the hearing will start at 10:00 am. julia simms will be in the courtroom. governor mccrory will be in western north carolina today where crews are fighting more than a dozen wildfires, 15 fires are burning involving more than 40,000 acres, the largest covering 21 square miles . this morning. a 10 mile section of us 1974 in the gorge is closed, higher humidity is helping crews fight and contain the fires. teams from florida and arizona will be in the state to help. mccrory will have a command center news conference at 9:30. a state of emergency in effect in tennessee were 58 active wildfires have burned more than 12,000 acres.
8:32 am
the majority of the fires are suspected arson. a man arrested in a shooting will be in court today, lee harris charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and assault with a deadly weapon. harris was visiting his girlfriend saturday when the father of the woman's children came to the door. the father cut power to the home and started banging on the door, harris opened the door and rogers was taken to the hospital, investigators are working to determine why he went to the home. a raleigh police officer is okay after being assaulted during a foot chase. police say the officer was hit on the head with a flashlight. no word on what started the chase. the suspect is facing assault charges. prisons are experimenting with a high-priced monthly injection to help addicted
8:33 am
states have received federal grants to test the drug. inmates being released into post supervision will be injected with the drug, those on probation will also get the drug. the drug targets receptors in the brain gradually extinguishing the urge to use heroin or other opioids but skeptics questioned the drug. picture your teenage son getting questionable text messages from his teacher. she found months of text between her son and teacher. the teacher is still teaching, wral investigates this tonight at 6:00. the rain is coming down. and other starch are drying out. >> we will look at the radar picture look at the wide view some bands developing, this low sitting along the coast most of
8:34 am
here around the coast. we are seeing wraparound moisture coming back around to where the virginia line back to the west, not much from rocky mountain and wilson along the i- 95 corridor but later on today there may be drizzled missed or patchy light rain right now most of the action is back here. the rain is getting ready to push into durham crossing the county line. getting ready to hit chapel hill we just had a through. that is moving on up. going eastward patchy light rain from littleton and then up highway 401 highway 40121 s. hill with patchy rain from sanford toward southern pines. temperatures in the 40s, 46 henderson and holly springs, 49 lillington and 48 degrees in wilson. it is cool and damp temperature
8:35 am
low 50s and we hold through the day. if you are about to go out to walk the dog just know that it is damp in places temperatures mostly in the low to mid 40s. back to you. a celebration of pop-culture wrapped up over the weekend, the comic-con brought artists actors and authors to the triangle at the durham convention center including chris simms and lee child reacher series. organizers are looking forward to the spring show the oak city comic-con in march at the raleigh convention center. the nfl honor the us armed forces. at bank of america stadium a special recognition for veterans, active duty service members and their families, among the families honored a mother from raleigh who lost
8:36 am
her son was a 2009 graduate of brought in high school. >> he made a tremendous sacrifice for our country and for me. to live in peace and unity with others. this is a great thing the panthers are doing. it is their second year doing it. i am so appreciative we have had this opportunity to be here to witness a great event. >> deserving of any hor family was given a commemorative panthers helmet signed by the players. recycling helps save our planet, but how much more could we be doing? coming up we will talk to an expert about going green. it is that time of year, the big jolly guy moving in at a local mall for the holiday season.
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"wral morning news on fox 50" is back with renee chou and lena tillett. >> america recycles day is tomorrow and activity not only good for the planet it is a big part of the economy helping generate local revenue and support local recycling jobs, those plastics are being turned into everything from furniture to clothing and carpet. joining us is green living expert allison wilson. >> thanks for having me. >> we know that plastics and cans can be recycled, but what else could we recycle from some of the stuff that we throw away? >> that is a big question. generally we think about the
8:40 am
jugs we see sometimes, colored plastics we might not normally think about, get those into the bin and make a pledge to take stock of all the packaging in your house and say what can it be recycling? go to the laundry room grab your detergent bottles even in your garage grab the products, the packaging that holds the materials you use to clean the car here is one area that i want to personally challenge your viewers to start doing, those plastic product over reps and plastic bags from the grocery store, most of the time these can't go to the curbside bin but you could take them back to the store put them in the storefront bins. although the bags that come on the bread or produce and the
8:41 am
paper towels all of those are valuable plastics if you get them to the grocery store they can go on to live a second life. >> that will certainly pileup take it back to the store. talk about the benefits of recycling more what we find in our home. >> when we recycle more of what we find in our the material go on to live life as a second-generation product helping reduce waste and saving material that we otherwise would be creating. when you look around me i am surrounded by this array of random things but the connection, everything you see around me contains recycled plastic content. everything from this fleece jacket to the backpack, a cute
8:42 am
items, pet beds and toys. these are made from milk jugs. all of these things contain recycled plastics, so when we get the plastic in the bin we do our part to help support recycling industries that produce these amazing products. >> wonderful getting plastics a second life. allison wilson telling us about america recycles day tomorrow. a superhero cast a winning spell at the box office.
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[ music ] >> some of us are seen so >> the folks in the western part of the state desperately need it but they are not seeing it. we are getting a little bit. i did have a viewer right in saying in scotland county they got more than one inch of rain. nothing like that in our technical viewing area, a look at the radar picture, we are
8:46 am
area everything has dried out from roanoke rapids southward down that quarter. not much rain from rocky mountain toward wilson. around fayetteville overnight we saw some rain this is wrapping around the low sitting near jacksonville, we will take a tour around seeing where the showers are heavier down i-40 around mooresville working its way into durham we will see sky cam in a minute, last time i checked you could not see it yet. let's go to hillsboro west and, around the virginia line, really patchy and light mainly west of roanoke rapids, through warren county a little bit of rain from lee county toward more county that is what we are seeing at the moment, here is
8:47 am
was wrapping around the western viewing area coming down lightly to moderately in some places, it looks like the rain is starting to fall in durham starting to get wet on the freeway. 45 the current temperature at last check showing rainfall at the airport, the dewpoint 43, cool and damp, 46 henderson, 46 roxboro, 50 in fayetteville and clinton, where falling it feels awfully cold it is the dampness making it feel cooler than it is. satellite and radar showing the band of rain and then there is the low pressure system on the coast pulling northward, we will see the moisture wrapping around for most of the day while the mountains will see nothing again. another front coming through saturday night, no rainout of
8:48 am
us. taking it to lunchtime still some rain from raleigh westward shifting to the south and then dissipating by 5:00. we might see an isolated shower through the evening so tune in to greg and mike during the evening newscast is starting at 4:00. patchy fog first thing tomorrow but that will dissipate quickly, a really nice day tuesday and wednesday. also thursday and friday. 51 chili and damp the chance of rain gradually goes down, during the commute a possible shower. 67 on wednesday, 70 friday feeling great the normal high this time of year is the mid- 60s so a little warmer than normal for the playoffs football friday 60 degrees. no matter what you are doing, friday looks like it will be nice getting their.
8:49 am
christmas parade, right now the weather looks great, 67 the height the parade begins at 10:00 am expect 56 degrees ending up at 62. one of the triangle's major malls has a new resident in town. santa claus at triangle town center in raleigh. the pavilion looks like a winter wonderland, the event featured slighting and performances by local screw groups. you can get your pictures from now until christmas eve. >> we are counting down until the raleigh christmas parade, this coming saturday, november 19 at 10:00 am one of the largest holiday parades on the east coast. this year will feature 115 entries including marching bands, floats balloons and entertainers. the parade will broadcast live
8:50 am
we will be there to bring you all of the fun, saturday in downtown raleigh. a dining experience like you have never seen before in downtown raleigh, more than 1000 people sat down to raise money for flood victims in the state. after a bluegrass band played for the crowd, everyone stood together, held hands and prayed. and then they ate a barbecued meal, the idea came employees at a communications company getting restaurants involved to prepare a huge feast. people paid $20 a plate to sit down at table stretching for two city blocks, those attending included the commissioner of windsor a town which suffered major damage from flooding. >> we have not been forgotten,
8:51 am
it was important for windsor to come say thank you. >> more than two dozen restaurants pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds to hurricane relief efforts. all of the money raised goes to the north carolina disaster relief fund. a good weekend for hollywood at the box office, dr. strange topped the box office for a second week in a row taking in $43 million. the superhero flick has brought in nearly $500 mill trolls came in second with over $35 million and arrival came in third at two $4 million surpassing but many predicted. now, brian shrader joins us . >> we had a good time this weekend take a look at this picture from twitter. when we are gathered together there will be eating. this was an event at the marina.
8:52 am
commerce they had cooking contests where restaurants participated. and then the skilled and experienced palates judged the food. >> you just referred to yourself in third person. >> i did indeed. but, it was a it was good. >> it was very good. i was very impressed. >> the desserts were just phenomenal. >> we were fans of the shrimp and grits. >> there was a pimento cheese trip and grits. so good. thank you for the invitation,
8:53 am
hard work. >> we have a lot of good restaurants. it has been a heated week politically spilling over onto a united airlines flight from san francisco to puerto by argo. a scuffle breaking out between the passengers as people argued about politics prompting the treated -- captain to make this announcement. >> we can talk and realize we have to stick together and we can fight for the country in our own way. that is what we should do. if there is anybody that has a problem with this that needs to vent there is another flight tomorrow. you are not to be on this one. cooler heads prevailed. >> we don't know the pilot's
8:54 am
by the way, the supermoon we are talking about, we did some calculations, it is less than one half of one % larger than last months supermoon. stay in bed.
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the time is 8:56. here is your top story, a hearing today could end a long- running murder case against
8:57 am
evidence in the murder of his wife has not been properly preserved. peterson was convicted in 2001 and then released from prison in 2011 when a judge determined that a witness lied. shack we are seeing rain in places most of the ring from the tribal area northward and westward except along the coast, this band of rain coming over raleigh in tutor him the rain falling right now we have seen some showers in orange county moving to the north some rain along the virginia line into the sandhills especially along southern pines. temperatures this morning in the mid to upper 40s, warming up to 51 showers on and off today than brighter for tuesday and wednesday. we are seeing some rain falling in the west side of raleigh, take a live look at i-40 harrison avenue with wet pavement and spray getting kicked up miserable
8:58 am
540. slow traffic. you can see the spotty showers on the weather index whenever you head out and your winter wipers are on your headlights need to be on. by now we have our thanksgiving menus planned but when the kitchen is cleaned what do you plan to do? some people will go cash in on deals. that is the news for no our next update in 25 minutes
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? how y'all doing? i appreciate you now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for returning for their third day. from decatur, alabama, it's the champs, it's the hicks family. and from georgetown, kentucky, it's the washburn family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge right there.


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